Service Support

Business headquarters support (responsibility)

● Qimeixuan will grant the franchisees the relevant intellectual property rights, trade names, trademarks, products, and business methods that they own, and use them in the franchise period to engage in business activities under the unified business model of Qimeixuan.

● Provide advice, guidance, and service assistance for franchisees to establish projects, field visits, shop selection, image design, decoration design, product positioning, product display, and store layout.

● Provide the publicity of the company's unified franchise image plan and the store's home image.

● Provide "Product Catalog", promotional materials, indoor POP, promotional discs, etc.

● With the conditions, a secondary distribution center and after-sales service center will be set up to improve service efficiency, reduce investment scale and risk, and realize the overall improvement of logistics, multi-variety, small batch, fast frequency and service function.

● Provide business training guidance, including preparation for opening, product knowledge, customer service, sales management, marketing, etc., as well as regular free training for managers, shopping guides, and after-sales service personnel.

● Provide business management guidance, including marketing plan, law, personnel, advertising planning and consulting.

● Appoint senior officers to visit regularly to review, analyze, diagnose and solve operational difficulties, and continuously improve service standards and marketing levels.

● Delegate business personnel to cooperate with us for a long time and assist in joining the high-efficiency sales business to help improve sales performance as soon as possible.