Affiliate Policy

The dealers who apply to join must agree with the business philosophy of “KIMISS” and actively assist, maintain and maintain the rights and goodwill of the “KIMISS” franchise business;

● In order to ensure the legal operation of the “KIMISS” franchise business, all local legal business procedures must be handled at the local industrial and commercial department and tax authorities with the authorized name of “KIMISS”;

● Have enterprise management experience, have corresponding understanding and ability in marketing strategy and product promotion and sales, and are willing to engage in the management of furniture industry;

● Agree to carry out the terminal construction according to the unified image design standard of “KIMISS”, and configure the required image publicity materials and accessories according to the operation requirements of “KIMISS” to ensure the unity of the terminal image;

● Sign the contract, abide by the terms of the contract, and accept the company's inspection, supervision and guidance;

● Conservative trade secrets;

● availability of funds and the operation of the market strength of the business scale, the lowest single-family operating area of not less than 200m²;
● integrity management in "KIMISS" franchise stores, franchise must "KIMISS" franchises.